Biggest Mechanical Engineering and Metalworking Industry Event in the Baltic Region!

The international exhibition for mechanical engineering, metalworking, automation, electronics, electrical engineering, supplies, tools and innovated technologies "Tech Industry 2016", theyear’s major event in industrial production of the Baltic Region, takes place at Kipsala International Exhibition Centre in Riga, Latvia from 01 till 03 December 2016.

Exhibition takes place in two halls – hall No. 1 (area – 6700 m²) and hall No. 2 (area – 9300 m²).
Total area of the exhibition is 16 000 m².


Exhibitions news

  • 3D Creative presents vast opportunities of 3D technology! Open or Close

    Visiting the stand of 3D Creative (Stand No. J9, Hall I) at “Tech Industry 2015” from 26–28 November in Riga, you will find more information about 3D technology and how it helps in the development of innovative products!

    Innovative solutions from JSC 3D Creative competence centre, open up new possibilities with 3D engineering for enterprises by accelerating time to market, creating innovative products or improving technical parameters of  existing products (strength, hardness, lower weight, fewer components). This is very hard to achieve with conventional or traditional technologies.

    Significant improvements of operational performance and efficiency can be achieved using advanced 3D printing technologies and services from our competence centre, where professional consulting helps to create additional value for 3D engineering business. "We shape future solutions"


    3D Creative

    E-mail: info@3dcreative.lt">info@3dcreative.lt

    Website: http://www.3dcreative.lt/">www.3dcreative.lt

  • PEMA Positioners – Ideal Partner for Welders Open or Close

    “Tech Industry 2015” will introduce the PEMA APS 250 - 35000 positioners that are equipped with adjustable rotation, tilting and height movement functions.

     A possibility for stepless 3-axis work-piece adjustments guarantees optimal, productive and ergonomic working positions.

    PEMA positioners are designed in a close co-operation with best professionals. PEMA´s extensive experience in designing and manufacturing welding automation solutions has been a key factor in the development of PEMA positioners. The positioners are elementary tools in every welding shop, and they are effective tools in increasing welding productivity and quality. Read more: www.pemamek.com

     PEMA APS 1500 PEMA APS 3500 

  • Meusburger offers vast assortment of metal working equipment Open or Close

    LOGOSlogan Cmyk EN


    Meusburger is the leading manufacturer in the field of high-precision standard parts. More than 14,000 customers all over the world make use of the numerous advantages of standardisation and benefit from the company's over 50 years of experience in working with steel.

    Offering an extensive range of standard parts, combined with high-grade products in the field of workshop equipment, Meusburger is the reliable global partner for making dies, moulds, jigs and fixtures. More: www.meusburger.com

     Meusburger Hauptsitz in Wolfurt

  • RMP will demonstrate conveyor systems Open or Close

    RMP will demonstrate conveyor systems sample and briquettes of metal and wood materials.

    RMP supplies the equipment and technologies on the reproduction of valuable secondary raw materials from industrial and domestic waste. Since 2004, SIA RMP have accumulated sufficient experience and knowledge in this high technology branch of modern economics. We represent such companies as RUF-briquetting systems, NEWeco-tec-drying complex, HAAS and Erdwich – shredders, PromilleStolz – pelleting systems.SIA RMP design and install special technological equipment and auxiliary equipment for automation of technological processes. More: www.rmp.lv

     Bilde Nr.1 Bilde Nr.3 
     Bilde Nr.2  
  • Pandmeta offers vast range of technological equipment! Open or Close

    “Pandmeta” Ltd company main activity is production of special technological equipment, transportation systems, rolling conveyers, various metal constructions for wood and furniture industry,  etc.

     “Pandmeta” has:       

    - Qualified and highly skilled staff and good manufacturing base,

    - Experienced management team,

    - Technology to design and produce sophisticated equipment and metal constructions,

    - Good potential for increasing production capacity.

    Company has certified quality assurance standards ISO 9001.

     The policy of the “Pandmeta” is to make highest quality production at favorable prices and customers standards.

     The company's team has created a range of products, including various gravitational roller conveyers, powered conveyers, belt conveyers, lifting tables, turning tables, store systems, various containers and others.

    Main “Pandmeta” customers are companies in Lithuania, Belorussia, Russia, Latvia, Finland, Netherlands and others in the EU countries.

    „Pandmeta“ have a following  advantages:

    -       high quality

    -       reasonable  price  levels

    -       production strongly at  agreed time

    -       experience  and  possibility to  manufacture  small  quantities or  single  units

    -       possibility  to  make  any  adjustments of  measures during  manufacturing  process

          -       long  lasting  experience  dealing with  EU  partners.

    We can  offer following  cooperation:

    -       to  supply wide range  articles produced  by  our  company

    -       to  manufacture  some  articles under the  Customers  Orders.

    -       to  design  and  manufacture some  articles  under the  Customers technical requirements

    We are ready to fulfill customers requirements and look forward to mutually beneficial cooperation.

    More information about the Pandmeta Ltd products: www.pandmeta.com.


  • Visit Elintos Matavimo Sistemos stand to see CO2! Open or Close

    Breathtaking high definition thermal image, the possibility to see unseen carbon dioxide gas (CO2) – these are only some novelties in the Elintos Matavimo Sistemos booth (Hall I, booth K-3) seen for the first time in the Baltic countries.

    Visitors will also have an opportunity to try the new pocket size FLIR infrared camera, new METREL multifunction tester with touch screen control and other measurement tools.

    Elintos Matavimo Sistemos supplies and maintains thermal imagers, a vast range of tools for electricians, power utilities and electronics for educational institutions, universities, laboratories and different industries. Read more: www.elintosms.lt


  • GLOB to showcase the authoring system of adapter! Open or Close

    Visitors of “Tech Industry 2015” will be given an opportunity to see the new products of GLOB System: authoring system of adapters for angle grinders, which was created after our analysis of the workshops market and the bevelling machine UK01-00.

    The GLOB new products significantly affect the attractiveness of company’s offer and growing market share in this assortment group and customer satisfaction.

    Tools Factory " GLOB " Ltd. is a company with years of experience. The company was established in 1996 and offers high quality products  holding  PN-EN ISO 9001:2009, PN-EN ISO 3834-2:2007 certificates.  Read more: www.fnglob.pl/en


  • Elekoms Ltd to offer measurement and process control equipment! Open or Close

    Elekoms Ltd will offer to the “Tech Industry 2015” visitors the Endress+Hauser, Pepperl+Fuchs, Siemens measurement and process control equipment.

    Company will also offer pipeline armature and drives (AUMA, Ledeen, Armatury Group), pipeline service and repair equipment (T.D. Williamson), anti-corrosion coatings and sealants (STOPAQ).

     ELEKOMS Ltd. was founded in 1996 and is engaged in industrial equipment delivery to Latvian and Baltic enterprises. Read more: www.elekoms.lv


  • “ABB” will present modern solutions for higher requirements Open or Close

    The exhibition "Tech Industry" visitors will be able to see product range of following product groups: ABB-Free@Homesystem, terminals, AFcontactors, ZLBM, drives, Mistral.

    For the first time "ABB" will present the robot Yumi. Yumiis avision of the future where cooperation between humans and robots is a reality.

    ABB is a global leader in power and automation technologies. Our solutions improve the efficiency, productivity and quality of our customers’ operations while minimizing environmental impact. ABB has been operating in Latvian market since 1992.

    Today ABB is the largest supplier of industrial motors and drives, the largest provider of generators to the wind industry and the largest supplier of power grids in the world.

    Contact information:

    SIA “ABB”

    Address: Tīraines iela 3a, Rīgā, LV 1058, Latvija     
    Phone: +371 6 7063600,        
    Fax: +371 6 7063601

    Homepage: www.abb.lv

  • Lāsma Ltd to present industrial automation solutions! Open or Close

    Lāsma Ltd will introduce the newest industrial automation solutions and products from its partners – Sick, Schneider Electric, Invertek Drive, Schrack, Mollet, Seneca.


    Visitors will have a chance to get advice from the product specialists and consultants of company’s LASMA represented manufacturers, see new products and ask questions about industrial automation.

    Welcome to visit Nivelco demo bus!

    Visit the demo bus at the exhibition centre entrance to see the level monitoring solutions from Lāsma’s cooperation partner Nivelco. Company specializes in sensor technology, emphasizing level monitoring and control of liquid substances.


    Address: Aizkraukles iela 21-112, Rīga, Latvia

    (Institute of Physical Energetics, ground floor)

    Website: www.lasma.lv

     web-913x320 TechIndustry2015    
  • Poliprodest Ltd to offer production and renovation of PUR items Open or Close

    POLIPRODEST Ltd will offer to the visitors of “Tech Industry 2015” production and renovation of polyurethane (PUR) items, as well as the development and production of elastic components and construction prototypes on the basis of preliminary sketch designs made by its customers.

    Company’s broad range of products includes track shoes for caterpillar tractors, rollers, wheels, ploughshare mixers, boilers, axle box bearings for cars, bolsters, props or other elastic, wearable and shock-resistant parts.


    Poliprodest Ltd

    Address: Rubeņu ceļš 2, Jelgava, LV 3002, Latvia

    Tel:   +371 63086998; +371 29214144

    E-mail: info@poliprodest.com, andrejs@poliprodet.com 

    Website: www.poliprodest.com


  • Elme Messer Gaas to present news in technical gases market Open or Close

    A company ELME MESSER GAAS will acquaint the visitors of exhibition with  novelties in the market of technical gases – super capacious cylinder of MEGAPACK, new protective welding mixtures of TRIPLE SAVER, that allow considerably to improve the economy of welding process!

    Also a company ELME MESSER GAAS will come forward as a sponsor of the of the BALTIC WELDER 2015 competition that will bring together professional welders from Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia who will content the title of the Baltics’ Best Welder.


    Elme Messer Gaas

    Address: Aplokciema 3, Riga

    Tel: +371 67355445

    Mob: +371 26597215

    E-mail: eml@eml.lv

    Website: www.elmemesser.lv

  • Inducont to present Kinetico and Valsteam ADCA products Open or Close

    During the “Tech Industry” fair the company Inducont will present Kinetico and Valsteam ADCA products (Stand No. A9, Hall II).

    Kinetico is the world's leading manufacturer of water softening, iron removal and drinking water equipment manufacturer that provides a productive, efficient, reliable operation. The versatile range of Kinetico devices is suitable for both private and commercial customers and solves a variety of problems associated with low-quality water. All units are equipped with a water flow control valve and operate automatically without an electrical connection.

    Valsteam ADCA is a Portuguese company specializing in design and manufacturing of equipment for steam and industrial fluids and has more than 20 years of experience. The company provides full production cycle. Valsteam ADCA is a reliable and significant manufacturer of vapour pressure system components and supplies its products to Europe and across the world. 

     SIA Inducont

     Address: Rītausmas iela 11B, Riga

     Tel: +371 67815875

     Fax: +371 67815873

     E-mail: office.riga@inducont.lv

     Website: www.inducont.com



     ADCA Therm kineticoFamily V1 18 LR   
     kopeja bilde  POPKSD80x50    



  • Tech Industry Matchmaking Event to attract new suppliers, partners and customers Open or Close


    Tech Industry Matchmaking Event

    to attract new suppliers, partners and customers

    The Tech Industry 2015 Matchmaking Event, on 27 November, brings together entrepreneurs to share business ideas, proposals and look for partners for conjoint business projects.

    Matchmaking is aimed to build business contacts among the engineering companies, science and research institutions, as well as other industry-related organizations in the Baltic Region and European countries.

    The events is targeted at enterprises dealing in mechanical engineering, metalworking, automation, electronics, electrical engineering, technologies and instrument manufacturers, traders, exporters and importers, as well as new technology developers.

    Matchmaking provides an opportunity to discuss business with selected professionals. Registering for the event, each participant fills out a registration form that serves as a business card describing company’s field of activity, needed improvements and preferred forms of cooperation.

    Take advantage of the matchmaking event for your business growth! Registration form, as well as the profiles of already registered participants are available at: www.b2match.eu/techindustry2015/

    Participation is free of charge.

    Registered participants who have already scheduled their meetings will receive their agenda via e-mail on 26 November.

    Matchmaking Event takes place from 10.00 to 18.00 in the conference hall No. 2, Hall I.

    The Matchmaking Event is held by the Latvian Technological Centre and the Enterprise Europe Network Latvia in cooperation with the Association of Mechanical Engineering and Metalworking Industries and International Exhibition Company BT 1.       

    Additional information:

    Ints Vīksna, e-mail: iviksna@edi.lv, tel .: +371 67558795

    Dita Guste, e-mail: dita.guste@edi.lv, tel .: +371 67540703


  • Latvia takes pride in doing what Latvia is best at! or Latvian manufacturers at Tech Industry 2015 Open or Close


    Automated stores, bobs and skeleton sleds, 3D printers, unmanned aerial vehicles ... all produced in Latvia will be showcased at "Tech Industry 2015" at Kipsala International Exhibition Centre from 26–28 November.

    "We would like to get rid of a deep rooted stereotype that Latvia manufactures almost nothing! It is not true! Latvia manufactures products of good quality competing most successfully in the international market. This year, alongside the world’s great industrial powers – Germany, Italy and Finland – we will show Latvian achievements," told Kardijs Broks, a project manager of "Tech Industry 2015".

    No more salespersons! Automated store will do everything!

    The visitors of "Tech Industry 2015" will have an opportunity to see and for the first time do shopping in the Latvian-made automated store. It somewhat reminds a coffee vending machine, but its possibilities are impressive! Automated stores can sell a vast assortment of different products in different sizes from the credit card-sized goods to big laptops. Buyers can pay with a card and get a receipt for the purchase. Large vending machines or automated stores were developed and produced by a Latvian company "ASTORE" three years ago. The company provides a complete process – from metal structures, software development and robotics up to programmable controllers, integration and personalization capabilities. Currently, these machines are being exported to Canada, Russia, the USA, Austria, Australia, the United Arab Emirates, Thailand and Singapore. Watch a video:


    Transfer your project into another dimension!

    “Tech Industry 2015” will show the Latvian-produced 3D printers in operation. The Mass Portal 3D printers feature high precision, use thermoplastic wire, which is melted and covered layer by layer thus building up the needed detail. The Delta Robot technology makes the operation of printers dynamic and quiet.

    "For someone it might be a toy, because technology is not so complicated and allows play and print, for example, iPhone covers. For others it might be an opportunity to facilitate daily life quickly producing unique parts – prototypes. This is an opportunity to print plastic parts for production a lot more quickly and certainly cheaper!" told Inga Žilinska, a marketing manager of Mass Portal. Currently, Latvian-made 3D printers are available from 62 different distributors in 27 countries around the world.

    Our sleds are better than Ferrari’s

    The new bobsleigh season starts on 28 November – the third day of “Tech Industry 2015”. Our team has been among those highest-ranked for decades. “It depends on people, however, you can't expect to perform at your best if your sled is not competitive. Ferrari builds bobsleds, but those built in Latvia are much better! Engineering concept is more efficient!" explained Zintis Ekmanis, Secretary General of the Latvian Bobsleigh and Skeleton Federation.

    Visitors will have an opportunity to see, sit in and be photographed in the skeleton sleds alike those driven by Martins and Tomass Dukuri, two- or four-man bobsleds which drove Oskars Melnbārdis and his team to the silver medals in Sochi Olympics.

    Bob and sled building tradition in Latvia dates back to the 1980s, when the State Electrotechnical Factory (VEF) started building bobsleds for the national bobsleigh team of the USSR. Currently, most of national teams, including the bobsleigh superpowers like the United States, Canada and Switzerland, use the BTC sleds and blades. All three leading Latvian pilots are equipped with the latest model of two-man bobsleds that has shown excellent results. Bobs are constantly being improved thus developing new radomes.

    Record-holder airplane

    Latvia also builds aircrafts – unmanned aerial vehicles!  “Tech Industry 2015” will present the Penguin B unmanned aerial vehicle that is built in Jelgava, weighs about 20 kg and its wingspan is three metres. This Latvian aircraft already has set the world record in flight endurance for mini UAVs – 54 hours and 27 minutes. For other mini UAVs this task would take up to three to five take-offs and landings. Currently, the UAV Factory’s aerial vehicles fly over the United States, Russia, Malaysia, Germany, all in all – 25 countries.

    Reportedly, from 26 to 28 November, Kipsala International Exhibition Centre will host the largest metal working and mechanical engineering event in the Baltics – the international exhibition of mechanical engineering, metalworking, automation, electronics, electrical engineering, supplies, tools, and innovative technologies “Tech Industry 2015”. The fair will offer seminars and discussions on topical issues of the industry, the Baltic Welders’ Competition and the International Matchmaking event to be held on 27 November. Read more: www.bt1.lv/techindustry

    At the same time as this exhibition Ķīpsala will also host the international exhibition of woodworking machinery and tools “Woodworking. Machinery. Technology. Tools 2015”.

    The “Tech Industry” and “Woodworking. Machinery. Technology. Tools” exhibitions are organised by the international exhibition company BT 1.

    Additional information:

    Aiga Kupre-Vociša, BT 1 Director of Public Relations Department

    Tel.: +371 26591588, e-mail: aiga.vocisa@bt1.lv

    Inese Libere, BT 1 Media Coordinator

    Tel.: 67065011, e-mail: inese.libere@bt1.lv


  • Global giants of equipment manufacturing at the “Tech Industry 2015” exhibition Open or Close


    From 26 to 28 November Ķīpsala will host the largest metal working and mechanical engineering event in the Baltics – the international exhibition of mechanical engineering, metalworking, automation, electronics, electrical engineering, supplies, tools, and innovative technologies “Tech Industry 2015”, gathering the global giants of equipment manufacturing.

    “Tech Industry 2015”will be participated by more than 260 enterprises from Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Finland, Sweden, Germany, Poland, Italy, Austria, Slovenia, Belarus, Ukraine, Hungary, Taiwan, and other countries. There will also be national stands shared by Latvia, Lithuania, the Czech Republic and Poland, where it will be possible to gather information about the offer of manufacturers from these countries.

    “This year it will be possible to view even more new and unseen devices and tools, suitable for industrial production enterprises, related industry service providers, and all production enterprises for updating and optimising the manufacturing process, as well as saving on resources. Those interested will be able to get acquainted with the achievements of producers, services of suppliers, as well as find new business contacts and partners,” explains Kardijs Broks, Manager of the “Tech Industry” exhibition.

    It will be possible to find out about enterprise development and support programmes at the exposition of Riga City Council, whereas the Latvian Technological Centre will provide the opportunity to get acquainted with the newest achievements in science, acquire fresh ideas, and receive consultations regarding innovative business activities.

    Spectacular equipment and technology demonstrations

    European and global giants of equipment manufacturing will be demonstrating the most modern metal working and industrial equipment in action, mechanical engineering and welding equipment, electric tools, air flow technologies and hydro-technologies, hardware items, automation and control systems, hydraulic equipment, measuring equipment, electronics and electrical technologies, gas supply equipment, warehouse equipment, labour protection equipment, packaging and materials, loading and unloading machinery etc.

    Novelty – exposition “Latvia can, Latvia is proud!”

    For the first time ever there will be a unique exposition “Latvia can, Latvia is proud!” at the exhibition, showcasing Latvian achievements in the respective field. Visitors will have the opportunity to view skeleton sleds, as well as two-man and four-man bobsleds made in Latvia, which are even successfully outcompeting those manufactured by “Ferrari”. It will also be possible to see 3D printers created in Latvia, which are special due to their high precision, and have already become popular among many users in the United Kingdom, Germany, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, the Netherlands and elsewhere. Those interested will also be able to get acquainted with the Latvian-made unmanned aircraft.

    Events for professionals

    During the exhibition there will be seminars and discussions about the topical issues of the field of mechanical engineering, metal working, electronics and innovative technology, gathering a large amount of entrepreneurs, professional organisations, and representatives of state institutions.

    Pedagogues of metal working professions of Latvian vocational education establishments are especially invited to Ķīpsala on 26 November in order to participate in the professional competence development seminar “Metal Working and Mechanical Engineering for Vocational Education”. Also during the first day of the exhibition the seminar “Development of Engineering Industries in Riga and the Baltics” will take place, and during it representatives from all three Baltic states will share information regarding the development trends, challenges and future prospects of engineering industries.

    During the second day of the exhibition, on 27November, at11:00 representatives from the Association of Mechanical Engineering and Metalworking Industries and Riga Technical University will be waiting for you at the seminar “Nanotechnology for Industrial Application”, at13:00 “SKF Latvia” will be presenting lubrication and stock management optimisation programmes, whereas at14:00 the “ZWCAD” representation in Latvia will provide information regarding 3D systems for efficient data management. For a detailed programme of events see: www.techindustry.lv/index.php/lv/dienu-plans

    The official opening of the “TechIndustry2015” exhibition will take place on 26 November at 13:00 in hall No. 2.

    Matchmaking Event – a platform for attracting new suppliers, partners and clients

    On 27November a matchmaking event will be held in the conference hall No.2, and its aim is the formation of new business contacts between engineering industry enterprises, science and research institutions, as well as other industry-related organisations from the Baltic region and other European countries. The matchmaking event will offer a platform for attracting new suppliers, partners and clients. It is possible to register for the event and view the interest profiles of the already registered participants at: https://www.b2match.eu/techindustry2015/

    The best welder of the Baltics will be found!

    The international welding competition “Baltic Welder 2015” will include professional welders from Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia, and they will compete for the title of the best welder in the Baltics. The participants will compete by welding two-plate connections in two welding classes and by welding a pipe connection in one welding class. The participants will be evaluated by professional judges who will carry out a visual assessment of the geometrical parameters of the joints, as well as examine the result with ultrasound. This year all visitors will be able to follow the competition, as there will be special monitors available, on which the activities taking place in the welding cabins will be shown. The competition is organised by BT 1 in cooperation with “Industry Welding Equipment”, “Sanistal”, “Elme Messer L”, Riga Vocational School No. 3, and “GSI Baltikum”.

    A unique opportunity to win the “MillerMigmatic380DX” welding machine

    All visitors of the “Tech Industry 2015” exhibition will have a unique opportunity to take part in a lottery and win the “Miller Migmatic 380DX” professional welding machine! In order to take part in the lottery, you will simply have to exchange your invitation or ticket for an application at the lottery info stand, located in the entrance-hall of the exhibition centre. You have to fill out the application and throw it into the lottery urn. The lucky winner will be announced on Saturday, 28 November, at 14:00 at the exposition of the company “Mitausteel”.

    At the same time as this exhibition Ķīpsala will also host the international exhibition of woodworking machinery and tools “Woodworking. Machinery. Technology. Tools 2015”.

    The “Tech Industry” and “Woodworking. Machinery. Technology. Tools” exhibitions are organised by the international exhibition company BT 1.

    Additional information:

    Aiga Kupre-Vociša, BT 1 Director of Public Relations Department

    Tel.: +371 26591588, e-mail: aiga.vocisa@bt1.lv

    Inese Libere, BT 1 Media Coordinator

    Tel.: 67065011, e-mail: inese.libere@bt1.lv

  • Robur International to show a wide spectrum of high-tech equipment Open or Close

    Robur International (Stand No. A1, Hall II) will showcase a wide range of high-tech equipment for sheet metal fabrication, milling and turning machines, CAD/CAM/CAE software, tools, consumables, machine quality control and measurement systems, etc.

    Visitors will have an opportunity to:

    • explore new solutions and technologies.
    • consult with our experts and specialists.
    • get information on all issues of your interest.

    More detailed information about company's offer during the fair:





  • AME systems to offer PARKER hydraulic, pneumatic, filtration equipment! Open or Close

    AME systems will offer pneumatic, hydraulic, electro mechanical and servo drives, frequency converters, compressed air dryers, refrigeration dryers SPE-009, coolers, filters, filtration, nitrogen and hydrogen gas generators, process management components, solenoid valves for gas, liquid and steam.

    AME systems will also present the TRANSAIR air pipe system, aluminium piping system with the new 50mm and 168mm diameters, as well as will offer compressors for sale, maintenance and repair services.

    AME systems is the authorized distributor for Parker Hannifin and the Parker Group companies – Domnick Hunter, Hiross, Zander, Balston, Hoerbriger Origa, Lucifer, Legris, Rectus, Tema, ERMETO – products in the Latvian market.


    AME systems

    Tel: (+371) 29215368

    E-mail: info@amesystems.lv

    Website: www.amesystems.lv


    AME 3w  Pneu w  hidr w 



  • Mitau Steel to showcase a variety of welding equipment! Open or Close

    The company Mitau Steel during "Tech Industry 2015" will show quite a number of the Miller welding equipment from high-power industrial series to simpler light-duty machines.

    Visitors will have the opportunity to try welding machines in operation. Mitau Steel will also show the most popular series of the STAHL CraneSystems cable and chain hoists. More information: www.mitausteel.lv

    A unique opportunity to win the Migmatic 380DX welding machine

    Mitau Steel in collaboration with the International Exhibition Company BT 1 organizes a lottery. The visitors of "Tech Industry 2015" will have a unique opportunity to win the Migmatic 380 DX industrial welding equipment from Miller. To participate in the lottery, visitors shall exchange the invitation or entry ticket for the questionnaire at the lottery info stand located in the exhibition centre lobby. The questionnaire must be filled out and thrown into the lottery urn. The lucky winner will be determined in the Mitau Steel exhibition stand at 14.00 on Saturday, 28 November. The prize would be a valuable benefit even to a manufacturing company!




  • The first Latvian TehnoBuss to park in Kipsala! Open or Close


    The first Latvian TehnoBuss to park in Kipsala!

    To promote greater interest in technical sciences, the first Latvian TehnoBuss – a mobile demonstration lab equipped with advanced technologies, will welcome visitors during “Tech Industry 2015”, 26–28 November.

    At first sight it seems like an ordinary 18m long traffic bus, but its interior with programmable workbenches CNC machines, multimedia systems, automation mini-plant, pneumatic stand, welding test stand, Latvian-made 3D printer and other unusual devices instead of passenger seats will surprise everyone. It is a mini simulation of a real plant!

    The aim of this travelling lab is to show to young people the application of engineering sciences in modern technology in an attractive way and increase their interest in engineering and metalworking specialities.

    “It is very important for us to wake up young people’s attention to engineering specialities since Latvian metalworking industry lacks engineering staff, about 20 percent of the workforce, and the shortage of engineering professionals is increasing with each year," told Vilnis Rantiņš, the Board Chairman of the Association of Mechanical Engineering and Metalworking Industries of Latvia (MASOC).

    According to the MASOC data, engineering industries currently need about 600 college and university level engineering specialists and about 1200 specialists with vocational skills (vocational school level).

    Attending TehnoBuss, visitors of “Tech Industry 2015” will have an opportunity to try their skills in welding, assembling pneumatics scheme, see how the 3D printer works, learn about education and career opportunities in metalworking and mechanical engineering industries. Even kids will like TehnoBuss!

    Reportedly, international trade fair for mechanical engineering, metalworking, automation, electronics, electrical engineering, production supplies, tools and technologies "Tech Industry 2015" that is the largest and most significant metalworking and mechanical engineering industry event in the Baltic region will take place from 26 to 28 November at Kipsala International Exhibition Centre. The fair will offer seminars and discussions on topical issues; welders’ competition and the international matchmaking event to be held on 27 November. More information: www.bt1.lv/techindustry

    “Tech Industry 2015” takes place simultaneously with the international trade fair for woodworking equipment and tools "Woodworking. Machinery. Technology. Tools 2015".

    Both fairs are organised by the International Exhibition Company BT 1.

     Further information:

    Aiga Kupre-Vociša, PR Manager, BT 1

    Tel: +371 26591588, e-mail: aiga.vocisa@bt1.lv

    Inese Libere, Media Coordinator, BT 1

    Tel: 67065011, e-mail: inese.libere@bt1.lv


  • "WILL Sensor" will present a wide range of sensor! Open or Close

    WILL Sensor LLC will present at “Tech Industry 2015” the German company BD Sensors s.r.o. that manufactures pressure and level sensors.

    WILL Sensor is dealing in solutions for factory and process automation and offers a wide range of sensors. Company’s fields of activity include – automation, automatization and electronics.

    More information: www.willsensors.lv/kontakti


  • Toolbox to showcase vacuum equipment and components Open or Close

    During "Tech Industry 2015", Toolbox will present vacuum equipment and components.

    During “Tech Industry 2015”, Toolbox will show the Fezer (Germany) tube lifters VacuPowerLift and VacuQuickLift in operation. Find in company’s stand vacuum suction cups and vacuum clamping systems for CNC machines. Read more: www.vacuum.lv

     vacuboy2 vacuquicklift1  vacupowerlift2 
  • Lokaator to offer variety measuring instruments, maintenance and rental Open or Close

    During "Tech Industry 2015", Lokaator LLC will offer to visitors a wide range of different measuring instruments, as well as maintenance and rental services

    Lokaator is a small and successful company dealing in measuring instruments sales, maintenance and rental services. The company was established in the autumn 2001 as an authorised distributor for Radiodetection Ltd, FAST GmbH, Nivus GmbH, MWM-Martinek Water Management GmbH and Mala Geoscience in Estonia and Latvia.

    Company’s partners and manufacturers are the leaders of their industries and they offer high-quality products used by our long-term clients – Lattelecom, Latvenergo, Rīgas Ūdens, Ventspils City Council, Jelgavas Ūdens, Reck, Liepājas Ūdens, Latvijas Gāze and other.

    Read more: www.lokaator.lv





  • Euro SITEX Latvia to offer perforated materials and industrial sieves Open or Close

    Euro SITEX Latvia will offer a variety of industrial and laboratory sieves, technical fabrics, perforated materials and conveyor belts at "Tech Industry 2015".

    Euro SITEX Latvia is a joint venture that represents a Czech manufacturer EuroSitex in the Latvian market.

    Contact information:

    SIA Euro SITEX Latvia

    Tel: (+371) 27752522

    Tel/fax: (+371) 65442781

    E-mail: info@eurositex.lv

    Website: www.eurositex.lv




  • BALTMA to offer high quality turned metal parts! Open or Close

    Baltma logo

    BALTMA Ltd is a Latvian company which has been manufacturing and trading high quality turned metal parts for 10 years.

    All orders of the manufacturing processes are flexible whether it concerns a single prototype or large volumes of details. We are determined to meet deadline of delivery of the finished product set by our customers.

    The range of products: dowel pins, clevis pins, taper pins, spring pins, grooved pins, shafts, parallel keys, woodruff keys and other fastenings of a standard design or of customer’s drawings.

    Diameter of a raw material work piece varies from 3 up to 32 mm.


    BALTMA Ltd

    Address: Kauguru iela 13, Valmiera, LV-4201, Latvia

    Tel: + 371 64207220, + 371 29229116

    E-mail: info@baltma.lv

    Website: www.baltma.lv


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