ITR we will present the UniCarriers' new TX the first counterbalance truck

At the “Tech Industry 2017” exhibition we will present UniCarriers and Crown material handling equipment. Especially we are proud to present UniCarriers’ new TX series electric forklift.
UniCarriers’ new TX is the first counterbalance truck to be spelled with three E’s - offering lower energy consumption, excellent ergonomics, and higher handling efficiency.

The new TX is number 1 in its class for energy consumption, offering rates as low as 4.2 kWh/h. It has also been designed with ProVision concept in mind, which boosts safety and ergonomics.

The TX is available in different models, offering maximum lift capacities from 1.25 to 2 tonnes, and a lift height of up to 7 metres - so whatever you need it for, there should be a TX for you.

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