Come to see live simulations of HORAS OEE & HORAS MPM expert IT systems developed for manufacturing industry and explore the latest product INOSTORAGE for improved warehouse management

Technologiniai Valdymo Sprendimai Ltd. has gathered many years of experience as an information technology company specialising in developing and implementing production optimisation, planning, data capture & quality control systems.

This year at the “Tech Industry 2019”, the company will guide its audience through the live simulations of its expert IT systems developed for manufacturing industry. Exhibitors will be presented with HORAS OEE system calculating and visualising the efficiency of production equipment and HORAS MPM system for production planning. 

NEWS - the company is excited to announce its newest developed product for the advanced warehouse management. Technologiniai Valdymo Sprendimai Ltd. Will present - INOSTORAGE. Smart storage solution with weight-based sensing technology allowing employees to easily access tools and equipment right when they need them. This storage solution generates value from automation, control and substantial consumption reduction of the products placed in the storage. Exhibitors will be able to examine the actual physical storage (dispensing machine) themselves and try its functionality.

The company is extending trading channels of INOSTORAGE, thus, new partnerships are very well welcomed.

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