Swagelok Helsinki will consult about cutting down loss of process fluids and energy

In Swagelok Helsinki booth - L-15 (Hall No 1) you can take a look at high quality components, systems and services for instrumentation with Swagelok® lifetime warranty.

With Swagelok´s global experience you can improve your applications and maximize your profit. At Swagelok Helsinki booth you can have consultation about cutting down unnecessary loss of process fluids and energy, optimize your supply and assembly operations and improving your productivity by optimized instrumentation solutions.

At Swagelok Helsinki booth you can get estimation how much in specific process fluid you will save in 12 months by locating the leaks in your system and maintaining the leakage points.

Swagelok Helsinki will lighten you up! Swagelok Helsinki is keeping you and your plant operations safe. Come to pick up Swagelok reflector from booth L-15 (Hall no 1) to protect your journey.

Swagelok Company is a US-based leading provider and developer of instrumentation components and services with an annual revenue of around 2 billion USD.Swagelok® product’s distribution are sold through independent sales and service centers which has a global presence in 225 locations. Swagelok Helsinki is an independent Finnish company operating as Swagelok® exclusive sales & service center for Finland and the Baltic areas. 

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