"EUROSTAT" will offer innovative materials

For more than 40 years, "EUROSTAT" has been a producer of its own raw materials. This enables company to be the owner of patented innovative materials. These materials are the result of internal development and collaboration with research facilities and partners worldwide. "EUROSTAT" Production includes complete processing of: material selection, toolmaking, design, prototypes, test validation and mass production. This enables company to fully satisfy customers’ needs.

"EUROSTAT" production:

  • Extrusion Machines
  • CNC machines for tool making.
  • Vacuum molding machines in a clean room environment
  • Dimensions and thicker materials: from 0.6mm up to 6.0mm. Outer dimensions up to 1200x800mm
  • Optical control on a patented line to guarantee all product parts. Our production units are Equipped with a patented Automatic Optical Inspection (patent N. FR 15/58305) which guarantees quality control over the mat on all surfaces. (Option)
  • Duplicated manufacturing sites Poland and France
Common materials are:

PolyStyrene Conductive (PSC):
Our most common material for vacuum-shaped tiles. This material is filled with carbon powder that gives excellent conductive properties: Surface resistance <1x104? And Volume Resistance <1x106?

PolyStyrene Dissipative E-STAT® (PSD):
Made of dissipative Polystyrene, contains no carbon powder.
Leaves no soiling residue on the products.
Slower discharge times, which are more suitable for sensitive
components than traditional conductive PS.
Surface resistance <1x107? - 1x1010? And Volume Resistance <1x107? - 1x1010?

PolyStyrene Insultant (PSI) – No ESD:
We also offer several different insulating materials.
These do not leave any soiling residue on the products.
PSI are suitable for components that are not ESD-sensitive but which require
Special packaging solutions.
Surface resistance <1x1013? And Volume resistance <1x1012?

Color-STAT® Same features as E-STAT®, but are made in several different colours.
Nano-STAT® Manufactured by PS film and Carbon Nano Tube technology.
Clear-STAT® Permanent, Disciplined, Transparent made by APET
Also available in "non-ESD version".
Black-APET Black APET - Dissipative or in "non-ESD version".
Soft-STAT® A mixed material consisting of ABS / TPU or
PS / PE depending on the thickness.
ABS/PC Conductive material that can withstand higher temperatures (110 ° C).

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