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World’s equipment manufacturing giants at Tech Industry 2016

The international trade fair for mechanical engineering, metalworking, automation, electronics, electrical engineering, tools and innovated technologies "Tech Industry 2016" – the largest metalworking and mechanical engineering event in the Baltic States that will bring together the world’s equipment manufacturing giants – will take place at Kipsala International Exhibition Centre from 1 to 3 December.

"Tech Industry 2016" will be attended by more than 270 companies from Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Finland, Sweden, Germany, Poland, Italy, Austria, Slovenia, Belarus, Ukraine, Turkey, Taiwan and other countries; moreover, there will also be the national collective stands of such countries as Lithuania, the Czech Republic, Italy, Belgium and Belarus.

"The fair this year brings together a record number of participants. “Tech Industry 2016” takes up two exhibition pavilions and shows in operation new and innovated equipment and tools for industrial manufacturing companies, service providers in connected industries and every manufacturing enterprise looking for an opportunity to modernize and optimize production process making it cost-effective," tells Kardijs Broks, a manager of “Tech Industry 2016”.

Equipment and technology shows

The largest European and world’s equipment manufacturing companies will show the most advanced metalworking and industrial manufacturing equipment, mechanical engineering and welding equipment, power tools, airflow and hydro technologies, metal products, automation and control systems, hydraulic equipment, measuring equipment, electronics and electrical equipment, gas supply equipment, warehousing equipment, personal protection equipment, packaging and materials, loading and unloading machinery and other.

Collective stand of Latvian manufacturers

The Association of Mechanical Engineering and Metalworking Industries of Latvia (MASOC) this year offers a joint exhibition stand to present a number of Latvian mechanical engineering and metalworking enterprises. Participating companies will showcase a wide range of products and services – power industry solutions, non-standard equipment design and manufacturing for various sectors of national economy, metalworking services and industrial products. Moreover, information on the industry, competencies and technological capabilities of association members and implemented projects will be as ever available.

Vocational education

"Tech Industry 2016" will provide information on vocational training, human resources development and further training opportunities. Stakeholders will be given an opportunity to meet the representatives of leading vocational educational institutions in the MASOC stand. Moreover, the MASOC representatives will provide information on the opportunities to find funding for employee training. There will also be the TehnoBuss, a mobile demonstration lab equipped with modern production technologies that helps to inform schoolchildren about education and career opportunities within the industry.

Events for professionals

Tec Industry 2016” will offer a programme of seminars and discussions on the current events in the field of mechanical engineering, metalworking, electronics and innovated technology that will bring together a great number of businesspeople, representatives of professional organisations and governmental authorities.

All stakeholders are invited to attend the seminar “Development of engineering sectors in Riga and the Baltic Region” on 1 December at 15:00. The speakers representing engineering association of Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia and Northern Germany will discuss development trends, important investment projects, challenges and future prospects.

International Brokerage Event

The International Brokerage Event aimed to establish business contacts between the engineering enterprises, research and development institutions, as well as other sector-related enterprises of the Baltic region and other European countries will take place at Kipsala International Exhibition Centre from 1–2 December.

Registering participation at, participant profile is included in the international business contact network where each operator has an opportunity to look at new business offers and proposals, and to schedule a meeting during "Tech Industry 2016", conference room No. 2.

International Brokerage Event is held by the International Exhibition Company BT 1, the Association of Mechanical Engineering and Metalworking Industries of Latvia (MASOC) and the Investment and Development Agency of Latvia.

The official opening of "Tech Industry 2016" will take place at Hall II at 13.00 on 1 December.

"Tech Industry" is held by the International Exhibition Company BT 1.

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Opening hours:

1–2 December 10.00–18.00

3 December 10.00–17.00

Ticket price:

Full ticket – EUR 5.00

Further information:

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